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The Leonard Elms Care Home Primley Court Claro Homes Stackpool Road

The Leonard Elms Care Home, North Somerset

Dementia Care,  Mental Health,  Respite Care,  Day Care,  Enablement

Primley Court, Devon

Intermediate Care,  Mental Health,  Respite Care,  Dementia Care,  Long Term Care,  Enablement,  Day Care

Claro Homes, Bristol

Mental Health,  LD with Complex Needs,  Korsakoff’s Syndrome,  Respite Care,  Day Care

Stackpool Road, County of Bristol

Mental Health,  Supporting People

About Us

Optima Care Partnership has been providing quality care since 1985 by its owner Paul Bliss, when he acquired premises in Bedminster, Bristol. Over the years Optima has expanded and now provides a range of care through 6 different locations. There is an ethos throughout Optima Care Partnership to provide excellent care and to create environments in their Home where people feel at Home.

We as a family run organisation continue to evolve and ensure that those people that chose our homes to become theirs remain the focus of all our attention. To be able to do this effectively the resident will often need the support of family members to assist staff in knowing what is important to everyone. We strive as a family to ensure that past times and past joys are part of today’s experience. This will ensure that the family remain at the heart of the delivery of care.

Our family run organisation ensures inclusiveness of our residents, relatives and also our staff. We support our staff both professionally and personally. We recognise that staff want to make a difference, to be surrounded by quality and good practice, and supported by an organisation committed to the same values as them.

We provide the highest quality of care.
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