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Butterflies for the Leonard Elms

The Leonard Elms Care Home achieves Butterfly Status accolade from Dementia Care Matters. The Leonard Elms now becomes one of only 100 care homes in the UK and Ireland to achieve recognition of changing the way care homes care for people living with dementia. Dementia Care Matters, whose Managing Director is Dr David Sheard, has carried out more than 600 observational audits in care homes across the UK and Ireland and found that for the large majority of time people living with dementia are experiencing boredom with little being offered to bring variety, companionship and fun into the day. Dementia Care Matters worked with the Leonard Elms to help the home feel more like a real 'home from home'. This was a project that lasted a year and has enabled us to change the culture of how the care home felt and how it approached its role as a care home. The team were supported with members of Dementia Care Matters to focus on the feelings of people living with dementia and staff becoming a 'Butterfly' and bringing activity opportunities into all parts of the day. The training and environmental changes involved all members of the team in structured training days and also two members of staff completing a university accredited course. The Leonard Elms would like to thank North Somerset Council for organising the project across the country, the inspiring team from Dementia Care Matters and most of all the staff of the Leonard Elms. Congratulations to everyone at the home as we continue to evolve into our new status as 'Butterflies'.

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